When I was younger, while making music, the word love used to be a cliche for me. Everybody around me was making love songs. I failed to understand back then, the omnipotence of true love. As I grew as a musician and a human being, I began to feel the warmth around me. In the battle that is life, I began to understand the meaning of infinite love. I began to combine love with all the chaos in my life in order to heal myself.

Anger = Destruction
Anger + Love = Forgiveness

Wealth = Vanity
Wealth + Love = Charity

Guilt = Darkness
Guilt + Love = Repentance

Envy = Wickedness
Envy + Love = Appreciation

Fear = Insecurity
Fear + Love = Belief

This applies to all things in life.
It is the philosophy behind my album, my art and my life.