Concept by: A R Rahman
Producer: Kareema Begum
Produced by: YM Movies, K M Musiq
Executive Producer1: Sairaa Rahman
Executive Producer2: Karan Grover
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics -Infinite Love: A R Rahman, Blaaze & Gil Levy
Lyrics - Behad Pyaar: Irshad Kamil, A R Rahman, Blaaze & Gil Levy
Mixed by: Cliff Norrell at Panchathan Hollywood Studios,
Los Angeles
Mastered by: Stephen at Marcussen Mastering, Los Angeles
Sound Engineers: Tony Joy, Kevin Doucette, Nitish Kumar,
T R Krishna Chetan, Suresh Permal, Srinidhi Venkatesh
Sitar: Asad
Operatic Vocals: Hratsjuhi Aramian
Choir: KMMC
Conducted by:
VJ Srinivas Murthy at AM Studios, Chennai
Music Video  
Production: Dave Stewart's Weapons of Mass Entertainment
Producer: Christopher Salzgeber
Executive Producers: Dave Stewart, Randy Wilens
Overseas Producers: Arthur Gorson, Ramya Rao, Jordan Winter
Director / Cameraman: Paul Boyd
Editor: Shane Mclafferty, Chris Champeau
Choreographer: Feroz Khan
A R Rahman’s Costume: Sairaa Rahman
A R Rahman’s Stylist: Rafal Swiader (Los Angeles)
A R Rahman’s Makeup: Sarah (Los Angeles)
African Boy: Kenardo Saunders
Asian Girl: Chong Ting Yan
Asian Boy: Marcus Lo
American Boy: Troy Glass
Indian Girl: Isha Satwe
Indian Boy: A R Ameen
Additional Filming: Anup Sugunan
Composer’s note: A very special thanks to Mukesh & Nita Ambani at Reliance Industries
for their support
I would like to thank:

The people of India for their encouragement & love.

The people of the world from America, particularly the artist community for showing the world that they don’t care about race or nationality and all they care for is the person you are and the gift you carry as an artist.

The people who wish only good, even for their enemies.

The people who have enriched their lives & others' by giving unconditionally.

The people who make others’ lives beautiful by creating music, movies, art & functional innovations!

The people whose prayers make the world imperishable.

Mani Ratnam & Suhasini Mani Ratnam

Shyam Kothari, Nina Kothari & Nayantara

Kaushik Roy, B Srinivas & Satish Krishnamurthy at Reliance Industries

My team in America - Sam Schwartz, Andrew Flad, Lesley Worton, Allison Elbl & the folks at IDPR, Jayshree Varta & Anand Vishwanath

Ganeshanker in Canada & Simon Long in the UK

Vijay Iyer, Gopal Srinivasan & Sofia Ashraf

Priya Chinnaswamy, Sadagoppan & Satish Murthy

My teachers from the past & the present

My wife who had undying passion for this song and drove me to complete it

My mom, sisters, brother-in-law & my children

My spiritual teachers;
Ameen Peerullah Malik
Arifullah Malik

All the Sufis & Saints who bless us with the unconditional giving qualities &
the Creator himself for making us realise
Infinite Love…

…A R Rahman